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Topearl Jewelry Store Released Bridal Jewelry Images Screen Saver

     Topearl.com, Online pearl jewelry store in China, has released bridal jewelry images screen saver with 10 new design pearl bridal necklaces,bracelets and earrings. The brides, bridesmaid and fans of pearl jewelry can install the jewelry screen saver in their computers. The fans can enjoy the beautiy of designer bridal jewelry.

    "In 2007, we try to design many simple designs of bridal jewelry according to our customers? needs. These bridal & bridesmaid jewelry are made with freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal beads, sterling silver fittings." Said Mark Wu, the owner of Topearl.com. "All customers like to new bridal jewelry. Some customers even dont buy them now; they can download and install the bridal jewelry screen saver to enjoy the beauty."

     Now, besides freshwater pearl jewelry, the company also design many Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry including Swarovski crystal bridal necklaces,crystal bridal bracelets,crystal bridal earrings. Furthermore, the designers combine freshwater pearls with Swarovski crystal beads to make the perfect bridal jewelry series. Most of our customers like to buy these designs of bridal jewelry with pearl beads and Swarovski crystal beads.

    Bridal and bridesmaid jewelry is simple but beautiful; These jewelry can be worn at wedding party,graduation occasion and other formal occasions. Today you can go to http://www.topearl.com/soft/bridaljewelry.xml to download the bridal jewelry screen saver.

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Topearl.com, Chinas jewelry designer and manufacturer, wholesales freshwater & akoya pearl beads,pearl strands,pearl jewelry,shell jewelry,coral and turquoise jewelry. In recent year, the company designs and make pearl & crystal bridal jewelry,gemstone jewelry and fine fashion jewelry. Design styles include necklaces,bracelets,earrings,pendants,rings and jewelry sets. For more jewelry information, please visit http://www.topearl.com/.

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Pearl Jewelry----Beautiful Wedding Dress' Best Match

How to choose pearl
     Pearl is rich in the shape, but round is the best,as the old saying, "sweet(style of writing polished and easy)".However, pearls formed in the  natural environment subject to a number of factors,the round shape are rare,therefore, a lot of pearls which appear to be round usually after man-made polished.Anomalous pearls include drop-shaped and oval-shape,although their value is not high, but integrated the originality of production designer,the price has doubled.

    In addition to the shape, the size has a direct impact on the value of the pearl, the greater the size of the pearl, the more difficult the process of birth, the higher the value. On the whole, fresh water pearls generally greater than pearls.

    Pearl's colorful color, also plays a crucial role on the value. In particular, in the same level of pearls, the color has great impact on the price, such as the value of the Black Pearl are on the high side. According to the different areas, the preference of the colors of pearls are different, for example, the Americans like pink pearls, the Japanese like golden pearls, and Chinese people like the bright white pearls. As concerned to wedding dress and the match, white pearl certainly is the first choice.


    Soft and elegant pearl luster is the temperament of the noble symbol,however, this is by no means a meretricious gloss,but a dignified sense of affinity,different points of view reflecting different luster.Therefore, the pearl luster is a decisive
factor in the value of pearls.
     Recently,Topearl.com, online jewelry store of Chinese fine jeweller is launching a model search for the company's newest products, which include a bridal line. The jewelry to be modeled includes necklaces and bracelets made from authentic cultured pearls and Swarovski crystals, gemstone beads, coral and turquoises, and will be featured both in the ToPearl catalog and on the company's website at http://www.topearl.com. ToPearl's newest models will show how ToPearl's new bridal & bridesmaid line is a beautiful complement to wedding and bridal party dresses.


For more information visit http://www.topearl.com


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Topearl.com's New Fashion Jewelry Idea

     When the women attend different occasions,their own will choose the right clothes,of course, there are different options in jewelry,only in this way will the overall design best represent themselves. Leading this trend, the famous pearl jewelry wholesaler, "Topearl pearl jewelry" has their own ideas. Those women who have good performance in working,usually spell able and serious,in order to shape the elegant side,wearing appropriate jewelry is necessary. 
    To participate in activities, attend meetings or dinner,individual performance is not enough, you also have to show your full of vitality, in this way,the option of simple lines, clean-based gloss is the best. The white-collar workers often need to go out, if the necklace can be paired with jewelry, will impress others much more. The sedentary office lady workers using computers for a long time,if wearing many earrings and necklaces, will more easily influence the flexibility of hand movements,so can consider a more simple style. Night of Stars dinner party can be more luminous light, how you select the jewelry on the night is very important,but not all bright, dynamic style of jewelry, remember that wear all exaggerated jewelry not only looks messy as well as very funny.If attending dinner parties,you can put on a noble gorgeous costumes, jewelry is not necessarily to be luxury models, you can choose a simple style generous, more colorful rich color combinations, and divide which accessories are focal point and which is sub - foil. This way you can bring a distinctive personal style and visual effects. Some of the material is crystal-type option, ensure that you flash moving. Leisure Holidays is the holiday of their own space, where fewer taboos and constraints. Therefore, this time with the jewelry can often be fully reflects your personality, a pair of jeans and casual clothes is easy young, passionate, lively synonymous. At this point you can wear the antique silverware or creative bracelets, necklaces used special materials (shells, pearl, bone), so you can highlight your unconventional. If you want to wear earrings you can wear those using the shape of a little exaggerated,such as a symbol of love "heart" type, the national characteristics of the long hanging up and concise big circle. I believe that the accessories will be able to show a relaxed, cheerful mood in holidays, and that's at the bottom of their hearts at ease.

   For more information please visit http://www.topearl.com/

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