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Pearl Jewelry----Beautiful Wedding Dress' Best Match

How to choose pearl
     Pearl is rich in the shape, but round is the best,as the old saying, "sweet(style of writing polished and easy)".However, pearls formed in the  natural environment subject to a number of factors,the round shape are rare,therefore, a lot of pearls which appear to be round usually after man-made polished.Anomalous pearls include drop-shaped and oval-shape,although their value is not high, but integrated the originality of production designer,the price has doubled.

    In addition to the shape, the size has a direct impact on the value of the pearl, the greater the size of the pearl, the more difficult the process of birth, the higher the value. On the whole, fresh water pearls generally greater than pearls.

    Pearl's colorful color, also plays a crucial role on the value. In particular, in the same level of pearls, the color has great impact on the price, such as the value of the Black Pearl are on the high side. According to the different areas, the preference of the colors of pearls are different, for example, the Americans like pink pearls, the Japanese like golden pearls, and Chinese people like the bright white pearls. As concerned to wedding dress and the match, white pearl certainly is the first choice.


    Soft and elegant pearl luster is the temperament of the noble symbol,however, this is by no means a meretricious gloss,but a dignified sense of affinity,different points of view reflecting different luster.Therefore, the pearl luster is a decisive
factor in the value of pearls.
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